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Blue Hour Teaser // Fair Day

If you hang around photographers long enough, you’re bound to hear myriad gushing tales about the “golden hour”.  And it is great.

But what you don’t hear as often, and I’m not sure why, is the blue hour.

It’s the period of time after which the sun has gone down and real darkness of night sets in.  And it is truly magical.  As a side note… it’s also commonly called “the magic hour.”  Go figure.

So Elle and I, like many Texans, have an annual tradition of spending a day at the famed State Fair of Texas.  And when the sun goes down, it is one of the best places to explore and photograph this fantastic time of day…


So it gave me the idea to do an entire post on all things “blue hour”.  And since I’m spending the month in the Rockies, I’m working on putting together something informative and beautiful…. check back soon!

~ andrew


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state fair of texas | prints

to celebrate last year’s 125 anniversary of the wonderful state fair of texas, we have finally released a few VERY limited edition prints.

only 12 of each will be produced, so don’t miss out on these unique and exclusive fine art prints…

they’re not fried, but i promise you’ll love them just as much as a deep fried snickers!

see more of the state fair prints here… thanks for checking them out!  oh yeah, and don’t forget to use your coupon at checkout to get 10% off!

all images © andrew r. slaton | photographer 2012

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state fair of texas | pictures

i have had the pleasure of working on a project this year to honor the 125 anniversary of the state fair of texas.

we’re not exactly sure what the final outcome of this project will be… exhibition, book(s), etc.

i’ll post here as soon as i know… but until then, i at least wanted to share some of my favorites…

all images © andrew r. slaton | photographer 2012