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  1. Hi Andrew. You’re photos from July 4th are amazing. I’m new to the wordpress world but I’ve decided to join as I love to write. I was wondering it would be ok if I wrote some words in a poetic fashion about one of your photographs and posted it on my site with a reference and link back to your site? Please let me know, thanks. KSD

  2. Andrew: We want to see the time-lapse sequence you shot at Dream Lake in RMNP at dawn on the 28th of June. It’s too bad we didn’t have any nice clouds but it must have been glorious just the same.

    • Hey Fred! Well, I’m on the last few days of my three week trip! I’m here in Big Bend, so I can’t post the time lapse yet, but probably will in the next two weeks… I have thousands of images to edit :). Keep checking back, and I’ll also try to remember to email you to let you know when they’re up. It was really great to meet you in RMNP!! I hope our paths cross again…


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