Just a few days before leaving Wyoming for the year, I was fortunate enough to have my nephew and brother come visit. They wanted to get some backpacking time in before the snow came, and of course, we had to see the Parks too. We spent the first few days getting them acclimated by touring […]


I shot weddings for over 15 years, but decided to take a break back in 2016. It was definitely needed, but starting early this year, Ellen and I began talking through what a comeback would look like. We missed working together. We missed capturing the beauty of a bride walking down the aisle, and the […]


I have this group of guy friends who every year around the same time, head up to Estes Park, CO for a backpacking trip. I have been lucky enough to be included on it the last two years. We had a permit to do a few nights backpacking the northern end of Rocky Mountain National […]


The Teton Mountains are, to my way of thinking, quite the grandest and most spectacular mountains I have ever seen.. .When viewed over the vast expanse of sagebrush which covers the valley, or with Jackson Lake and the marshes in the foreground, they present a picture of ever-changing beauty which is to me beyond compare.” […]

Revisiting Shirley

When we first hit the road, back in June of 2016, Ellen and I had an idyllic summer up here in Wyoming. We had already spent a good bit of time in the area, but now we had the time and freedom to explore and get a deeper knowledge of these spectacular mountains. One of […]


My goal this summer was to spend most of my time backpacking and hiking my home range. So far, I am thankful to have been able to walk an inordinate amount of time and miles already in the Wyoming wilderness. This past week was no different. I chose a really difficult loop that was 80% […]


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