Revisiting Shirley

When we first hit the road, back in June of 2016, Ellen and I had an idyllic summer up here in Wyoming. We had already spent a good bit of time in the area, but now we had the time and freedom to explore and get a deeper knowledge of these spectacular mountains. One of […]


My goal this summer was to spend most of my time backpacking and hiking my home range. So far, I am thankful to have been able to walk an inordinate amount of time and miles already in the Wyoming wilderness. This past week was no different. I chose a really difficult loop that was 80% […]

In The Silence: Jack Creek Lake

07/08/20 Light strikes sideways Low and golden Rainbows and browns rise The crowns of the trees gently sway In the momentary ebb and flow of the wind. Colorful ripples dance on the lake, And then smooth out like a carefully made bed. Fire expands in a cloudless sky Anticipating the brilliance of stars to come. […]


I’ve always told Ellen that I just feel at home in the mountains… more specifically, our little mountain range in Wyoming. Well, we made it back to our summer/ fall home base, and I couldn’t be happier to be here. I’ve already done a lot of day hikes and a few backpacking trips. Out “there” […]


These days, most of us dig our heels in on the hottest issues. We rarely listen to the other side. We wait and formulate our counter argument, while we pretend to listen to the opposing view. I assure you that I am no better. Nine times out of ten. Let me briefly talk, though, about […]


Many of you will undoubtedly know the location of which I am about to showcase. It’s not exactly a secret. However, it is a little less well known than many other places, and I am more and more convinced with each passing day that we must start guarding these places a little bit better. The […]


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