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please stop the madness…

i told myself when i started this blog that i would never post anything political….  well, i knew it was only a matter of time before i broke down….

there is a man that’s running for president that i have been following since 2001.  and i think he’s worth listening to, regardless of whether you lean left or right.

he just makes since…. and he always has.  please take a minute to watch this quick video.

it’s the last i’ll mention politics… i promise!!  but please feel free to leave your thoughts…. thanks for your consideration….

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cover shoot

a few weeks ago i had a cover shoot for american motorcyclist magazine.  the subject was Mike Kraft, an iraq war vet, with a true love for motor bikes.

now, i’ve never been a huge fan of motorcycles, but i whole-heartedly identify with the individuality and love of the open road associated with bikers.  i’ve always said that i feel most at home in the mountains, but a close second is on the road. 


Mike was a real pleasure to work with, and the type of thoughtful, strong individual that inspires confidence in the folks we have overseas.  he and i talked quite a bit about the middle east, and global politics.  he gave me some advice about my trip to lebanon, which is coming up in a few weeks.  and i’m very excited that i’ll get to test that advice very soon…


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