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N O M A D // magazine

After three years of living and working on the road, I am so excited to announce that I have put together a wonderful magazine for all of you wanderers, dreamers, and adventurers out there! This 80+ page full color, photography heavy publication focuses on the lovely faces and places that we have been fortunate enough to experience since hitting the road full time in June of 2016.

Originally created as a printed promo for me to send out to all of my current and prospective clients, I was pouring so much time and energy into this project, it became clear to me that this would be interesting to a broader audience. And since I was trying to create a standout piece for photo editors, it’s really rad and well done, if I do say so myself.

These are just a few sample spreads…

What you can expect are poignant stories of the people we’ve met, our experiences leading up to and during our time on the road, traveling recipes, poetic prose, and of course, lots of pretty pictures from all over this great country of ours. Consider it a welcomed addition to your coffee table, or bathroom reading collection. It is sure to start conversations, and might even be that unique gift that you’ve been looking for.

If you’re interested, it’s on pre-sale right now for just $25. Go check it out and order your copies now!


Ellen and I hit the road full-time in June of 2016. We are on a mission to inspire and educate everyone on the importance of getting outside. Check out my workshops and my prints, made #ontheroad in my mobile print studio. The revenue will help propel us further on this great adventure. Enrich yourself and others… and feel great about it too as you’re helping to ensure our public lands are cherished and to keep the wild spirit of the American Dream alive. Our goal is to visit all 59 National Parks in 3-5 years. LEARN MORE ABOUT WHAT WE’RE DOING HERE

N O M A D  Magazine // Issue 1
Pre-order your copy today and receive this 80+ page full color travelgasm at your door by June 2019!
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cover shoot

a few weeks ago i had a cover shoot for american motorcyclist magazine.  the subject was Mike Kraft, an iraq war vet, with a true love for motor bikes.

now, i’ve never been a huge fan of motorcycles, but i whole-heartedly identify with the individuality and love of the open road associated with bikers.  i’ve always said that i feel most at home in the mountains, but a close second is on the road. 


Mike was a real pleasure to work with, and the type of thoughtful, strong individual that inspires confidence in the folks we have overseas.  he and i talked quite a bit about the middle east, and global politics.  he gave me some advice about my trip to lebanon, which is coming up in a few weeks.  and i’m very excited that i’ll get to test that advice very soon…


all images © andrew r. slaton | photographer 2009

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flat people?


flat people is bob guittard.  bob guittard is my brother-in-law.

a few weeks ago i was contacted by a photo editor to shoot a band in the area.  he said he liked my work, and thought i’d be good for this project.  and then came the kicker;  he said, “i’d like you to shoot a band called ‘flat people’.”

i laughed, thinking this was a joke put on by a family member.  “yes,” i said.  “flat people is my brother-in-law.”

“good,” he said.  ” then you probably work well together, eh.”


in line with the name of the band, i came up with the concept for this shot.  and thanks to my friend, master retoucher, and coincidentally flat people band member, warren barry, the photo-illustration would be my favorite of the shoot.

enjoy a track from their debut album…



from left to right: warren barry, zech lumpkin, bob guittard, graham cathey, rich williams


all images © andrew r. slaton | photographer 2009