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flat people?


flat people is bob guittard.  bob guittard is my brother-in-law.

a few weeks ago i was contacted by a photo editor to shoot a band in the area.  he said he liked my work, and thought i’d be good for this project.  and then came the kicker;  he said, “i’d like you to shoot a band called ‘flat people’.”

i laughed, thinking this was a joke put on by a family member.  “yes,” i said.  “flat people is my brother-in-law.”

“good,” he said.  ” then you probably work well together, eh.”


in line with the name of the band, i came up with the concept for this shot.  and thanks to my friend, master retoucher, and coincidentally flat people band member, warren barry, the photo-illustration would be my favorite of the shoot.

enjoy a track from their debut album…



from left to right: warren barry, zech lumpkin, bob guittard, graham cathey, rich williams


all images © andrew r. slaton | photographer 2009


3 thoughts on “flat people?

  1. guittard says:

    Hi Andrew. You’ll get a kick out of this:

    It’s the “Guittard Brothers” circa 1980. I like your photos by the way.

    From your brother-in-law’s brother,

  2. Tatjana says:

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