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Travel as Art

A man said Why,

why does traveling

in cars and in trains make him feel sad,

a beautiful sadness.

I’ve felt this before.

It’s the people in the cities

you’ll never know,

it is everything you pass by,


will you ever


~ The Innocence Mission, Song About Traveling


Woman On A Bus, Durango, Mexico, 2014

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yann, not yanni

my favorite french musician, yann tiersen, came to dallas (of all places) a few weeks ago.

he is best known for composing the amelie soundtrack, but his repertoire is comprehensive and complex.

tiersen does it all;  from traditional french accordion compositions, to classical violin melodies… he even performs pop, rock, and hip hop.

this show was mostly his hard rock stylings, and ethereal post-rock, violin infused atmospheres.

it was a real bonus as well to have local favorite doug burr opening for yann…

doug is a folk artist, with a southern tinge.  his melodies are hypnotic and lyrics thoughtful.

yann came out with force behind strings…

he even played the mouth accordion.

it was such a treat to see yann tiersen live.  to have him come to dallas, texas… i still can’t believe it.

all images © andrew r. slaton | photographer 2010

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high country avetts

one of our reasons for dropping by telluride last week was that the avett brothers were playing a free show in the mountain village on wednesday.  i’ve grown to really enjoy their music over the years.  but what’s the best about the avetts is their live performance.





i’ve shot and written about this band numerous times, so i feel like i’m just beating the drum here, but their intensity is no joke.





you just have to see them live.












one thing they did mention a few times was that they were really feeling the altitude.  telluride mountain village is well over 10,000 ft.  and though their music lacked no heart, it wasn’t as spot-on as they usually are.  but no matter.  i still enjoyed it thoroughly.

if you ever have the chance, GO SEE THIS BAND.  you will not regret it.

all images © andrew r. slaton | photographer 2009

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¡blind pilot!

on the drive up to telluride from vermejo last week, bd introduced me to the band blind pilot.  i was immediately drawn to their almost rain-like delicacy.  they are a very talented bunch hailing from one of my favorite cities in the world, portland, oregon.

well, much to our surprise, walking around town our first night in telluride, we noticed a concert poster at wizard stating that blind pilot was in town and playing tuesday night at the sheridan opera house, a fantastically intimate, historical venue.

we did not hesitate.  we immediately bought tickets.  my ticket number:  001.  and i’m quite proud of that.







so tuesday night rolled around, and my heart was immediately melted when blind pilot lit up the stage with their brilliant set.



it’s rare that i get to say this, but they were better live than they are on the album.  and that’s not to say the album is somehow sub-par… it’s not.






they have a warmth and sunshine along with their pitter-patter rain dance that truly warmed me to the core.  i felt fuzzy inside.  but not in a cheap, lame way.  wholesome, but edgy.  a band of relative contradictions.  i highly recommend…

all images © andrew r. slaton | photographer 2009

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we are the swarm

unfortunately, i wasn’t able to make it down to austin last week for sxsw.  however, all was not lost.  dallas reaps some of the benefits of south-by simply due to proximity.  so, when andrew bird came to town sunday night, i got a little taste of what makes the annual music showcase so special.








haley bonar opened for andrew, and brought a fresh, poppy, singer-songwriter sound.











andrew bird just might be the most talented musician i have ever seen live.  it seems as though he thinks in terms of rhythm and sound textures.





and his lyrics are so technical and scientific, i sometimes feel that i’m in a trippy, high school biology class.  it’s great.



i tried to shoot some video, but handheld proved to be less than ideal.  regardless, here are a few short clips i strung together…

all images © andrew r. slaton | photographer 2009

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up on a mountain

here’s a quick preview of a new film i’ve been working on called the mountain.  just like the other short films, it’s basically just moving versions of my landscape/ nature imagery, put to music…  i’m still very new to this.  i hope to grow and become more sophisticated in my attempts at filmmaking.  but if you like this kind of thing, please check out the film chronos.  it has provided great inspiration for me, and it is a fantastic example of how a film of this sort should look.

these particular clips were shot in telluride this past week.  however, the rest of the film is shot in locations all over the world.  locations include (or will include) big bend, wyoming, california, spain, lebanon, kenya, ethiopia, and hopefully many more.

i don’t plan to have the mountain finished anytime before the winter of 2010, but i’ll continue to release little previews like this one.  let me know what you think…

thanks so much for watching!


music:  “up on a mountain” by the welcome wagon


all images © andrew r. slaton | photographer 2009

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flat people?


flat people is bob guittard.  bob guittard is my brother-in-law.

a few weeks ago i was contacted by a photo editor to shoot a band in the area.  he said he liked my work, and thought i’d be good for this project.  and then came the kicker;  he said, “i’d like you to shoot a band called ‘flat people’.”

i laughed, thinking this was a joke put on by a family member.  “yes,” i said.  “flat people is my brother-in-law.”

“good,” he said.  ” then you probably work well together, eh.”


in line with the name of the band, i came up with the concept for this shot.  and thanks to my friend, master retoucher, and coincidentally flat people band member, warren barry, the photo-illustration would be my favorite of the shoot.

enjoy a track from their debut album…



from left to right: warren barry, zech lumpkin, bob guittard, graham cathey, rich williams


all images © andrew r. slaton | photographer 2009