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we are the swarm

unfortunately, i wasn’t able to make it down to austin last week for sxsw.  however, all was not lost.  dallas reaps some of the benefits of south-by simply due to proximity.  so, when andrew bird came to town sunday night, i got a little taste of what makes the annual music showcase so special.








haley bonar opened for andrew, and brought a fresh, poppy, singer-songwriter sound.











andrew bird just might be the most talented musician i have ever seen live.  it seems as though he thinks in terms of rhythm and sound textures.





and his lyrics are so technical and scientific, i sometimes feel that i’m in a trippy, high school biology class.  it’s great.



i tried to shoot some video, but handheld proved to be less than ideal.  regardless, here are a few short clips i strung together…

all images © andrew r. slaton | photographer 2009


7 thoughts on “we are the swarm

  1. Me says:

    ahh i see. i was asking because i am pretty sure he broke up with his longtime girlfriend Xan Aranda last year, so it would be a little weird if he and Haley were actually married now.

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