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please stop the madness…

i told myself when i started this blog that i would never post anything political….  well, i knew it was only a matter of time before i broke down….

there is a man that’s running for president that i have been following since 2001.  and i think he’s worth listening to, regardless of whether you lean left or right.

he just makes since…. and he always has.  please take a minute to watch this quick video.

it’s the last i’ll mention politics… i promise!!  but please feel free to leave your thoughts…. thanks for your consideration….


4 thoughts on “please stop the madness…

  1. I will explore more about Ron Paul. But I am also aware that this is a campaign ad and the images, music, words, etc. are all edited to support one person. Every politician does this. I have definitely become jaded and I personally don’t believe these campaign ads. They all appear “too good to be true,” which usually means they are neither good nor true. Once they get into office and see the reality of what they have to deal with, campaign promises go by the wayside . . . every time. I’m just not convinced. :-(

    • i totally agree! it is just a campaign ad. and let me say first… no one man or woman will save us! our hope can never rest on politicians. but i’m sick of voting for the “lesser of two evils”. i’ve been paying attention to Ron Paul for the last 10+ years, and he actually does what he says. not that he’s perfect, but i actually want to vote for someone now, and i think he will do a good job! anyway, just check him out… that’s all i ask! thanks for the comment Cecelia!

  2. Ellen Ramsey says:

    President Paul, interesting. I liked the video and I like Ron Paul. Thank you Andrew for being political on your site. This gives me more insite on my pick for 2012. Hope all is well with you and your family. Ellen

    • thanks Ellen! how are you? i tried calling Mike the other day, but haven’t connected with him yet. i bet it is beautiful up there right now! we miss seeing you guys… hope everything is good with you… come see us in texas!

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