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the san diego skyline

my commercial job in san diego was a success!  and i even had a little bit of spare time to explore this beautiful city…

night shots from corodano island…

fireworks!  i think it was a navy graduation of sorts, but not sure.

ocean beach…

surfers near ocean beach.

the skyline from cabrillo monument…

a few more from coronado during the day…

san diego is an incredibly beautiful city.  i had a great time exploring the skyline from all angles.

now i’m looking forward to returning in april for my cousin’s wedding!

all images © andrew r. slaton | photographer 2011


2 thoughts on “the san diego skyline

  1. These are beautiful. I spent 2 months in San Diego a couple months ago… And we really enjoyed our time. We especially loved Fiesta Island because we could let our dog off leash and it was like she was at a dog party. :)

    Coronado was stunningly beautiful with its white sand beaches… lovely time!

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