What I learned from the Lunar Eclipse

I found myself in less than ideal conditions in the early morning hours of April 15, 2014.  In the city, and somewhat sleep deprived.

Had I planned a little better, I could have been in a beautiful location, well rested, and ready for the total lunar eclipse.

But I wasn’t.  Sometimes it goes that way when I’m not shooting for a specific client.  It requires a little more self motivation and determination to make things happen.

So, I stayed up to watch the eclipse, and I devised to shoot a time-lapse.  20 Minute segments at 400mm focal length.

I made it all the way until the actual Eclipse… and of course fell asleep.  Seriously.

I awoke in a complete stupor to fire off one more raw image of the gorgeous red moon before me.  Then back to bed.

What I learned was to prepare better for an event as unique and beautiful as this.  Even if there is no related paycheck…

Thankfully, I’ll have a second chance this year… in Grand Teton National Park no less!

Expect more from me on that one :)

— andrew

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lake hudson | time lapse

A few weeks ago we went to my cousin’s cabin on Lake Hudson in Oklahoma.

It was a wonderful time to relive warm childhood memories, and help create new impressions with our little nephews.

It also happens to be a beautiful place.  So I took the opportunity to shoot a few time lapse videos to share.

I’m excited to be offering time lapse classes soon… Be on the lookout at Slaton // Workshops.  Enjoy!

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