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lake hudson | time lapse

A few weeks ago we went to my cousin’s cabin on Lake Hudson in Oklahoma.

It was a wonderful time to relive warm childhood memories, and help create new impressions with our little nephews.

It also happens to be a beautiful place.  So I took the opportunity to shoot a few time lapse videos to share.

I’m excited to be offering time lapse classes soon… Be on the lookout at Slaton // Workshops.  Enjoy!

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three weeks ago, i left dallas for a 10 state, 5,000 mile road trip.

the vast majority of the two week trip would be spent wandering my old haunts in the great states of wyoming and montana.  however, the first night, having blown through oklahoma, kansas, and nebraska, i laid my head for the first time in south dakota at badlands national park.




it’s an eerie landscape.  i have to say that i have never really seen anything like it.







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