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With the Covid-19 global pandemic in full strength, our nomad dream has halted abruptly, just like everyone’s normal lives. The state of Florida closed down all of the state parks where we had reservations, so with no where to stay, we headed up to Chattanooga, TN to hole up with my brother and his family. There are much worse places to be.
It’s a beautiful area in Appalachia. Admittedly, we’re not getting out much. Great Smoky Mountains National Park is only 2 hours away, but is of course closed. So as we’re quarantined, I’m reminiscing about our spring trip to the Smokies back in 2018. Here are a few images from that month or two we explored the area.
Even though we can’t get out too much, I will still try to share the beauty of our wonderful world with all of you. I hope you all are safe and healthy… when we emerge on the other side of this, we will undoubtedly appreciate our wonderful parks and our freedom with fresh eyes and wearied hearts.
— Andrew

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Layering // Landscapes

If you’ve seen my work, you know that I love negative space.  And in landscapes, that often means lots of sky.


It’s a more fine art look. Where the sky is an actor in the play. Usually dramatic clouds, color, and or celestial bodies give weight and relevance to the otherwise vast expanse of negative space.




But that’s not the “postcard” look.  The more I shoot for stock, the more I’ve learned to layer my landscapes to give them more dimension and a greater sense of depth.

It’s a very basic concept, that to many of you is a “duh”.  But it wasn’t to me.  I learned to shoot from feeling; to convey deep emotions and artistic expression.  And the way that manifests often times in my work, is with a very two dimensional feel where the depth is stripped away and the viewer is left with light, color, and basic shape.

Neither way is better than the other.  Some people have an eye for the 3-D postcard, and others, the 2-D expression.


I have had to learn to see the postcard. And I’m really enjoying the challenge of seeing in this new way.  It sounds simple, but it’s oh so interestingly complicated… to frame a balanced and compelling photograph that incorporates all three elements: foreground, middle ground, background.


These three elements working together, with lines leading the viewer into the image, colors complimenting one another, and light dancing and playing makes for a supremely sellable image.

And I would argue, that beyond the sellable, if you can also incorporate the artistic expression, you have made truly great art.


Those are the kind of images I’m striving to make.

— andrew

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appalachia | deep greens and blues…

i always seem to head west when i’m shooting landscapes and nature.

so it was a pleasant surprise to my eyes and camera to go east in june.

i think we’re going to have to make it an annual trip…  :)


all images © andrew r. slaton | photographer 2012

art, photography, travel

appalachia | a family reunion

my wife’s family has roots in the mountains of north carolina.  deep roots.

on her mom’s side, many in the family still live on the land they settled in the 19th century.

it is near the little town of caney fork, on the creek of the same name.

and it’s beautiful by the way.

so here is an abridged chronicle of our time in appalachia, celebrating july 4th (a little early).

side note: i shot a ton of landscapes and nature photos as well, and will share those in the next post…

all images © andrew r. slaton | photographer 2012