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not just another new year

elle and i decided to go camping for new years this year… big surprise.

we wanted to go somewhere near austin so we could have a fun night in the city, and have an excuse to see my brother and his family.

so it ws decided that we would go to pace bend park, a small but secluded city park on lake travis.

elle found a comfy spot high up in a cedar tree with her shiner.

we sat out on a bluff that overlooks lake travis for a good while…

then we played a little frisbee.

we each modeled for the camera…

then it was time to get down to business…

we made a stop at whole foods before heading out to camp.  on the menu for the evening; stuffed, organic jalapeños wrapped in bacon as appetizers, all-beef organic cowboy burgers for the main course, and a decent bottle of spicy shiraz.  mmm mmm  MMMM!

best camp food i’ve ever had.  and i must say that i was pretty proud of my fire too…

elle got a little trigger happy with my camera… i love it!

after a short afternoon shower, the temperature dropped to a brisk 37 degrees, and a beautiful rainbow appeared.  we stood in awe.

our little friend, either a kit fox or a gray fox visited our camp that night and the next morning.  he was a welcomed guest, and we felt lucky to get a glimpse of an increasingly uncommon creature.

i can say enthusiastically that 2010 started off right… already a lot to be thankful for…

all images © andrew r. slaton | photographer 2010

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now that it’s Christmas time!!

to me, there is nothing better than Christmas time with the family…

we spent the morning with the family in dallas…

then we all headed down to austin to spend the rest of the weekend with my brother, his wife, and their kids.

it’s always chaos.  but it’s always a good time to remember the things that are important in life.

a time for restructuring priorities… and with our family, there is never a dull moment!

all images © andrew r. slaton | photographer 2010

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the big easy, matrimony

they call new orleans “the big easy”, and if you’ve ever been there, it is just that.

marriage, however, they say is not so easy.

“it’s a lot of work,” the old couples will tell you.

well, my friends Al and Leslie decided to take their vows in the shadow of bourbon street, and we all had a blast.

st. louis cathedral is a popular ceremony venue.  understandably so… it’s historic and incredibly beautiful.

Joe and Erin ham it up at the rehearsal dinner.

it was great to see all of my old austin friends…

the girls got ready, and the rains came down.

this calls for champagne!

the mom’s got all dolled up and felt beautiful…

the ceremony ended, but the rain kept up.  we were all praying that the levees hold…

but the rain can’t stop a good party in nola… and even though i was shooting, i had a great time too!

Al and Leslie danced the night away…

early sunday morning, i wandered the soaked streets of the french quarter looking for coffee.

i saw a weathered older couple stumbling down the sidewalk with tall boys in their hands, partially concealed by brown paper bags.

i grew an affinity for a city struggling somewhere between poverty and excess.  it’s a city with real soul.

music, cuisine, and art unique to its people.  drugs, alcoholism, and prostitution.  good and bad… all weighed heavy on me.

all images © andrew r. slaton | photographer 2010

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four(?) musketeers

when i lived in wyoming in 2005, i didn’t have many friends.  but don’t feel sorry for me.  it wasn’t because of the excessive whiskey drinking, or the lack of bathing.  no, it was mostly due to the simple lack of people in the great state of wyoming.  a numbers game.

you see, the entire state boasts a smaller population than the city of austin, tx.  i believe the last count was around 750,000.  and it didn’t help that i lived in a town of only 2000.  so the few friends i had were very important to me.

among those few friends were two of my closest; anna and kim.  we called ourselves the “three musketeers”.  original, huh?

this last trip up to my former home partially happened because i had a good excuse.  well, two.  the first was that anna, who now lives in new york city, had planned her first trip back to pinedale since she had to leave in ’05.  and the second reason was that kim, who is from the area and thus stayed, had a baby a few months earlier.  kate.



kate is a darn cute kid.  so the three musketeers, plus one, set out for a reunion hike.  we decided to hit up sacred rim in the wind river mountains, just outside pinedale.





it was a great time to be with my ladies again…  and i must say, kate is quite a nice addition.


i was raised by a family of grizzly bears in a former life (or so i tell people), so we reenacted a scene from my past when i used to attack unassuming hikers…







it seemed as though we hadn’t skipped a beat.  and truly, i guess we never did.  i’ve been going back up to wyoming a lot since i left, and almost every time, i get to see kim.  i also have had the opportunity to visit anna up in philly and new york, and we tend to email, talk on the phone, and mail each other music mixes every so often.  so really, the unique situation here is that we were all together again in the very place we met and became friends…











sacred rim is a pretty amazing place….



but it seems that we wore little kate out.



more bear attack scenes…


by the time we made it back to the car, kate was out.

it was really special for all of us to get together.  we all live thousands of miles from each other, and our lives have all gone their separate directions.  i hope we can reunite again before time gets away from us.

regardless of how much time passes in our busy lives before we’re all together again, it was evident with this short reunion, that we will always stay connected.  these are the type of friends you keep for life.

all images © andrew r. slaton | photographer 2009

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hasselblad test

i finally got my hasselblad fixed a few weeks ago in austin.  it was good to shoot some film.  unfortunately, the back broke right after i finished this roll of 12, but the shots turned out okay, and it revved up my appetite for medium-format again.



nothin’ better than an old fashioned view camera and a backyard family barbeque…



all images © andrew r. slaton | photographer 2009