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new years: bongos and puke

elle and i went to inks lake state park near austin to camp for new years this year…

it was kind of a disaster.  some college kids pulled in next to us late the first night.  no big deal, i thought.  they’re camping for new years… i’m sure they’ll be respectful of our space and peace.  expectations crushed.

they were playing bongos until 5 0’clock in the morning.  awesome.

and to top it off, i must have undercooked our bacon wrapped jalapenos, because elle got violently sick in the middle of the night.

it was an interesting way to ring in 2011.

but, we still managed to have a good time, strangely enough.  and i get the feeling it’s a precursor for what the rest of our lives might be like:  shattered expectations, sickness, rude people, etc.  rolling with the punches.

in spite of it all, we enjoyed each other’s company, and were glad that we had one another with which to share this incredibly odd time.

here’s to 2011!!

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up on a mountain

here’s a quick preview of a new film i’ve been working on called the mountain.  just like the other short films, it’s basically just moving versions of my landscape/ nature imagery, put to music…  i’m still very new to this.  i hope to grow and become more sophisticated in my attempts at filmmaking.  but if you like this kind of thing, please check out the film chronos.  it has provided great inspiration for me, and it is a fantastic example of how a film of this sort should look.

these particular clips were shot in telluride this past week.  however, the rest of the film is shot in locations all over the world.  locations include (or will include) big bend, wyoming, california, spain, lebanon, kenya, ethiopia, and hopefully many more.

i don’t plan to have the mountain finished anytime before the winter of 2010, but i’ll continue to release little previews like this one.  let me know what you think…

thanks so much for watching!


music:  “up on a mountain” by the welcome wagon


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