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not just another new year

elle and i decided to go camping for new years this year… big surprise.

we wanted to go somewhere near austin so we could have a fun night in the city, and have an excuse to see my brother and his family.

so it ws decided that we would go to pace bend park, a small but secluded city park on lake travis.

elle found a comfy spot high up in a cedar tree with her shiner.

we sat out on a bluff that overlooks lake travis for a good while…

then we played a little frisbee.

we each modeled for the camera…

then it was time to get down to business…

we made a stop at whole foods before heading out to camp.  on the menu for the evening; stuffed, organic jalapeños wrapped in bacon as appetizers, all-beef organic cowboy burgers for the main course, and a decent bottle of spicy shiraz.  mmm mmm  MMMM!

best camp food i’ve ever had.  and i must say that i was pretty proud of my fire too…

elle got a little trigger happy with my camera… i love it!

after a short afternoon shower, the temperature dropped to a brisk 37 degrees, and a beautiful rainbow appeared.  we stood in awe.

our little friend, either a kit fox or a gray fox visited our camp that night and the next morning.  he was a welcomed guest, and we felt lucky to get a glimpse of an increasingly uncommon creature.

i can say enthusiastically that 2010 started off right… already a lot to be thankful for…

all images © andrew r. slaton | photographer 2010


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