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Well, we’re officially announcing going on the road full time. We’ve been talking about it for a year now, and though we don’t know what tomorrow will bring, we’re moving forward. Starting this June 1, we will travel the U.S. and Canada, photographing the National Parks, shooting for several large and small outdoor brands and magazines, and living our dream! But it’s not going to be easy.

That’s why we need your help. In order to give us a little momentum, we would like to invite everyone to visit our online art show this Thursday evening starting at 6PM CST for the chance to get my National Park prints for only $59 (in honor of the 59 parks). They are usually $250+, signed, limited editions, so they may go fast. The show benefits The National Park Foundation (10%) and our efforts to inspire folks protect our wild places and to get outside!

Watch our video trailer to get pumped with us!

Check out the page now to pick out your favorites before hand, then bookmark the page so you can get what you want right when the show begins on Thursday. And please share with anyone and everyone you think would be interested! Living on the road will be amazing, but not easy to make it all work financially… so help us make this dream a reality!

Thanks so much for all of your support, and we look forward to meeting many of you #ontheroad!

— andrew

In honor of the NPS Centennial this year, I have put together a special collection of (some never before seen) my favorite National Park prints. Please check it out and know that 5% of all the profits from the sale of this artwork will be donated to a wonderful organization that works hard to help preserve our Nation’s most magical places, The National Park Foundation.. We will be visiting almost all of the 59 National Parks this year, so check back often as we will be updating the page regularly. Thank you so much for your support!

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#findyourpark | The Centennial

They’ve been called “National Treasures” and “America’s Best Idea”… Our National Parks. Both characterizations are absolutely on point.

On August 25 of this year, the National Park Service (NPS) turns 100. And I am proud to celebrate with our country (and the rest of the world) to honor the hard work and confluence of ideas that go in to preserving these special and sacred places for generations to come!

In honor of the National Park Service Centennial, I have compiled a collection of my favorite prints from these National treasures. Ellen and I hit the road full time this summer, just in time to visit several new parks before the Centennial, so I will be updating the page regularly to reflect the new parks we visit! To show our support, I’ll be donating 5% of all profits from these print sales to the National Park Foundation, the official non-profit partner of the NPS.

And from now until August 25, 2016, please enjoy 25% off all sizes of my fine-art, limited edition National Park prints! Use code “NPS100” at checkout for any signed, numbered, limited edition print of America’s National Parks.

Please join with me in celebrating and supporting Our National Parks! See the (growing) collection here

— andrew

Join me on an amazing adventure… check out my exciting, NEW workshop dates:
Big Bend NP // Night/ Landscape // 2016
Isle of Skye // S C O T L A N D // 2016
Highlands // S C O T L A N D // 2016
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Tandem Stills + Motion // Andrew R. Slaton
Image Brief // Andrew R. Slaton
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…last week in wyoming…



one of my first, and best, friends when i lived in wyoming was kim.  she recently got married and had a gorgeous little girl, kate.  first thing’s first… i had to go see them.


now on to my animals.  a coyote searches for food in the elk national wildlife refuge near jackson.




two ocean lake in teton wilderness provided fantastic scenery.





on the way out of two ocean and pacific creek, one of my favorite views of the tetons materializes quickly.  almost out of nowhere, the jagged peaks come into view with force and drama.





then, of course, the jackson lake dam provides unimpeded views of this beautiful mountain range, the grand tetons.



a lone big horn ram wandered, grazed.


early in the morning, the elk eat dew-covered grasses.




lamar creek.  the hidden gem of the lamar valley.  always one of my favorite spots to sit in the morning.


the lamar valley in the summer is a haven for the american bison.  they graze it heavily in massive swarms.


the lamar valley is also home to many bears.  this pair, one black bear and one cinnamon black were inseparable as i watched them cross miles of open landscape.  i saw this same cinnamon about four years ago in the exact same spot.  glad to see he’s got a lady to keep him company now…


bull elk are scattered across yellowstone this time of year.  typically alone, they seem to know that the autumn rut and breeding season will be coming in a few short months.


sulphur stained ponds dot the landscape of yellowstone.


a lone black bear on the northeast entrance road scavenges in the shadow of the mountains surrounding the montana/ wyoming border, near cooke city.


not even a mile away from the bear, a fox too looks for an evening snack.



on the road to lulu pass, just outside city limits, seedlings, clear cuts, mountains, and sky provide the backdrop for cook city, montana.




early morning, heading back from a night spent at the cooke city dump, the mountains and fog performed a ballet.  mist danced across the tops of trees as the light watched passively from behind the clouds.


and it only gained dramatic crescendo as i made my way back, further into the lamar valley of yellowstone.


after a long morning hike up the side of a peak in the lamar, a lone antelope kept his distance.



a 45 minute exposure at oxbow bend in grand teton national park, well after sundown.



morning glow over the tetons.  i love waking up to this view!!




mid-morning at oxbow bend.  light slowly makes it way toward me from behind, painting my canvas.



jackson lake was glass.  a rare site.




string lake, near jenny lake, grand teton national park.


back to my old haunt in sublette county… green river lakes in bridger-teton national forest.


the lower lake was in tumult, with wild winds from the south rumbling like a freight train through the valley toward the upper green.


the green river was calm the next morning, though the sky overhead read drama.


i hiked the highline trail toward the upper lake.  squaretop mountain spectacularly reflected the patches of sun.




i followed massive grizzly tracks all the way to the upper lake about three miles.  it was not alone.  two smaller sets of tracks alerted me to the fact that a sow with two yearlings could be around any bend.


on the way into little soda lake, the aspen groves catch a reflection more colorful than reality.


cactus patches keep me aware of where i place my feet…


just a few minutes from the front door of my old house in pinedale, soda lake reflects the wind river mountains, creating impressionistic hues that would make any artist salivate.

all images © andrew r. slaton | photographer 2009

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it’s not “world music” to everyone

i started to laugh to myself the other day when i had this thought. while making a mix for a friend, i thought i’d expand my musical prowess by experimenting with a few new non-english tracks.

the dreaded term “world music” popped into my head, and i immediately thought of ian. yeah, you remember ian. the ponytail-wearing kickboxer in the movie high fidelity, that steals john cusak’s girlfriend, and “listens to whatever world music is in fashion that week”.

well, i don’t fancy myself to be much of a kickboxer, and i sure as hell don’t have a ponytail (kind of a sore subject really, considering my ever growing bald spot).  also, i can assure everyone here that i would have no chance stealing any girlfriend from the great john cusak. so what gives? what is world music?

i’ve been enjoying a lot of yann tiersen lately.  he’s a french pop superstar.  but “pop” is way too narrow a classification for this guy.  he’s also a composer, rocker, experimentalist, rapper, you name it, he can do it.  anyway, so how do we in america categorize folks like yann, and manu chao.  or even carlos vives or keren ann?  well, according to the itunes music store, they’re all in the blanket genre of “world music”.  

so, i guess that the main, and perhaps only, criteria for this broad genre is that it’s not american in origin.  we have been the driving force behind the modern music industry, so it kind of makes sense.  but i’m sure if you visited the french version of the itunes store, yann tiersen would certainly not be found in the dreaded “world music” section with the long-forgotten riverdance and obligatory amazon mood music.

there’s some really great music out there though… even beyond the reach of american record labels.  so don’t hesitate to check out some good world music today.  don’t worry, you won’t become like ian overnight… at least i hope not.