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Free Tip Tuesday // Panning

Some common questions…

How do you stop motion in your photograph?  A fast shutter speed.  How do you show motion?  A slow shutter speed.

Well then, you might be asking, how do you stop the action of your subject, but convey motion by allowing everything else to blur from the movement?

It is a simple technique called “panning”.


For this image of a runner, I wanted to make her sharp but also imply speed and action.

To achieve the look I wanted, panning was a must.  So at 1/50 sec, and a flash at camera left, I panned with the subject as she ran past.

A flash is not always necessary, but in this case it was since I wanted to backlight the subject with the sun to give dimension.

With basic panning, he key is moving your camera at the same speed as (or panning with) your subject.  It can take a few practice runs to get it right.

But the results will add an interesting element to your photograph that draw in the viewer.

– andrew


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