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TULIP series | photos

lately, i’ve been wanting to do a series of photographs that illustrate the five points of Calvinism. strange, i know. but these concepts intrigue me.

i’ve had many odd images in my head for some time, and they are just now starting to come together and make a little sense.  to me at least.

basically, Calvinism is known by an acronym: T.U.L.I.P.  i found a lot of great information at the Calvinist Corner blog, check it out if you’re interested in more background.

i’ll leave the interpretation up to the viewer.  feel free to comment… more images to follow.

TULIP frame #1, total depravity, dallas, texas, 2012

TULIP frame #2, unconditional election, dallas, texas, 2012

all images © andrew r. slaton | photographer 2012


2 thoughts on “TULIP series | photos

  1. Unka Stan says:

    Dear Andrew…..If someone asked me what are the two most ilmportant books that we possess, I would have to say “the Bible (and that being the closest to the original Textus Receptus)” and Martin Luther’s “The Bondage of the Will”. Wars have been fought over and are still being fought because of the truths held between the covers of these two. Start studying them both, now. It’ll take a while to absorb. UnkaStan

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