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Ray Roberts // Night Lights


Elle and I were itching to sleep out beneath the stars, so we made a last minute trip up to Lake Ray Roberts State Park to do some weekend car camping.  Not a bad spot at all.  Beautiful lakefront campsites, nice neighbors, and all the stars we could handle.


I even played around a bit, experimental painting with cell phone lights, headlamps, and flashlights.




Sometimes I forget how important it is for me as a photographer to still get out there and “play”.  I get used to the dog and pony show of being a professional where I feel like I have to act as though I know absolutely everything there is to know about light and photographic processes.  The truth is; I am always learning and growing.  And the minute I reach a point where I know everything… well, I imagine I can just pack it in and lie down to die… because it certainly won’t be challenging and fun anymore.

I sure hope that day doesn’t come anytime soon.  I’m looking forward to “playing” and learning more this year.  Join me!

— andrew

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pedernales falls | sunrise hike

after my shoot in austin last week, i decided to head out to camp at an old favorite spot of mine: pedernales falls state park.

i hadn’t been out there in about ten years.  and frankly, it was better than i remembered it.

from the river to the waterfalls to the vast brush country, pedernales falls is a true hill country gem.


next time i go, i’ll spend more than just a few morning hours… :)

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alligator visitations

i love alligators.  i believe i’ve said that here before…

so back to brazos bend, the best state park in texas!

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