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my september in wyoming | your 50% gain

i leave for wyoming this weekend, and i couldn’t be more excited… it has been a few years since i’ve been up in the autumn to shoot.

the chill of winter coming in the air, elk bugling in the distance, the wildlife teeming with energy and vigor… ah, it can’t be aptly described.

so, to my point.  for the entire month of september, i’ve decided to really give an incentive to all of you out there who may have been waiting to buy a limited edition print from my storefront

to commemorate my blessed time in wyoming this month, i am offering A HUGE 50% discount off EVERYTHING!!!  but the sale ends september 30 at 12 a.m. CST… so don’t wait.

and since i make all of my prints by hand (except for the huge ones) and sign and number them, they will not ship until the first week of october.

so scratch your Christmas presents off the to-do list early, and buy everyone a beautiful and unique gift!  at 50% off no less!!

oh, i almost forgot…. use “AUPA2012” at checkout for your discount :)

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