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Autumn is just around the corner, and as you all know, it’s my favorite season. The color and the drama are incredible, and as I’ve mentioned before so many times, I have a few favorite spots that I hit up every year in the fall.

This week, I wanted to feature the southern San Juans of Colorado, and more specifically, the Telluride area.

I’ve been visiting this little piece of heaven for 25 years now, and it never disappoints. Even in the years when I miss peak, it presents me with  something amazing to behold.

The uniqueness of the area, I think, lies in the combination of high elevations and lots of aspens stands. Because of the elevation, geographic location, and boxed in nature of the area, it tends to get a lot of snow in the winter. That’s why it is considered one of the best ski areas in the country. But also, it means that the colors typically catch fire in the fall because of high precipitation values leading up to it.

The vistas one can experience here are simply unparalleled. National Forest public land access is great, allowing for the leaf peeper to cover a lot of ground in a short period of time.

But another cool aspect of the area is catching the first snow. Typically in late September/ early October, the first significant winter precipitation hits and it often coincides with the peak color. The drama of the weather and contrast of the fresh dusting is my favorite!

And the colors aren’t at all limited to the autumn spectrum. The deep purples and blues, and even greens are still abundant even at that late time of year. It’s really spectacular.

And then the skyfire! Pinks, reds, orange, you name it. Every color in the spectrum is displayed in this gem of a location.

I’ve been exploring the area for a long time, and many of those years as a pro photographer. The last 5 or so, I’ve been leading intimate workshops for those interested in being led to some amazing spots and growing in their love for art, nature, and photography.

Oh, and it should also be mentioned that Telluride has some exquisite restaurants and bars, as well as shopping and spas, so we really get to pamper ourselves and even relax a little during this dynamic and exciting time of year.

Every time I visit Telluride and the southern San Juans, I find new nooks and lovely compositions. It really never gets old.

If this looks like a place you’d like to see and explore, let me guide you through one of my favorite places on the planet! We will learn, grow, experience awe, eat amazing food, and genuinely have a great time together. If you’ve ever wanted to just hang out with a professional photographer and get the one on one time to ask all of your burning questions, this is your chance.

I have just a few spots left for 2020, so check it out on my website and sign up for the experience of a lifetime.

— Andrew

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  1. Hey Andrew! I just caught up on your last 3 entries! You may have guessed from my past purchases that Telluride with the Aspen trees is my personal favorite. But if I could I would have a wall of pictures just by you! They are truly beautiful and you have such a gift. Your Mom may have today you that I actually got to see her (and Barb) for a little while lastweek. It was SO WONDERFUL to reconnect, I love her so much. I love you too. Blessings as you travel, teach, and make big life decisions.
    Love to Ellen too.
    aunt Sha

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