Are you a dreamer?  Do you know how to be more than a dreamer… someone who does?  Where do you want to be in 5 years?

I have been a professional stills + motion photographer for over a decade, and it remains the best and hardest thing I have ever done.  Give me a hand on everything from commercial location shoots, tagging and categorizing stock, shooting and editing motion clips, and possibly even do a little shooting of your own.

I travel a lot, and there is the possibility for the right candidate to experience some of the excitement of traveling on assignments.  Come help and learn as you get started in your own visual career.

This is unpaid for the summer, but positions are available and interns will most certainly be at the top of the heap…. unless you’re a horrible, terrible person. :)




Applicants must possess:

  • a hunger for something better
  • a strong visual IQ (we want to see your portfolio!)
  • an inquisitive mind, and positive attitude
  • working to advanced knowledge of Adobe PS + LR (Premier Pro + AE huge plus)
  • working to advanced knowledge of how to shoot photo + vid on DSLRs
  • ability to take direction and act quickly




In a word… experience.  Okay, two words… working knowledge.  Three?  A leg up.

The way a photography internship should work (and will here), is that you, the intern, work hard, and in turn, I, the photographer, impart special knowledge and real world know how that you wouldn’t get from a blog post or youtube video.  You also gain access to all of my equipment… to practice, shoot tests, learn different lighting styles, etc.  Some may even get to travel on assignments, or get a paying job in the end.

It’s a trade.  My knowledge and experience for your time and help!

Let me know why you are the ONE!



“I see no higher art than that of the canvas that is painted with light every morning, evening, and night. And I am both cursed and blessed with the insatiable hunger to capture it’s beauty.”


If you are interested in learning more about photography, taking your art to a new level please check out my new workshop dates:
Grand Teton Photographic Tour/ Workshops 2014
More Destination Photo Tours/ Workshops 2014
If you are interested in licensing any of the images/ video from this post, please visit my stock agency:
Tandem Stills + Motion // andrew r. slaton
If you are interested in purchasing prints from this post, please check my prints for sale, or email me directly for a custom request:
andrew r. slaton // photographer // prints
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Thanks for visiting!
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