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a cool toned campout

my brother in law invited a few of his friends and me to his uncle’s farm to camp this past weekend.

other than me, it was a bunch of dad’s with their young kiddos.  a little terrifying for me at first, but it turned out to be an incredibly fun weekend.




the land was an armadillo haven.  i saw tons of signs of dillos, but i only caught a short glimpse of one in person…


i had to get the obligatory texas bluebonnet shot…


and then, of course, a group bluebonnet shot.



the night nature walk was certainly one of the highlights for everyone…

















sunday was beautiful and gray.  i wandered and explored a bit with my camera.  the cool, blue tones caught my eye.



















all images © andrew r. slaton | photographer 2013


4 thoughts on “a cool toned campout

  1. Benjie Slaton says:

    nice brother. the barn is screaming remodel into a guest house.

    i dreamt two nights ago that you and elle had bought a place in wyoming and i drove up there on whim. it was your birthday and i was going to surprise you…in my outback. then i realized i had a big meeting monday night in SA and had to disappoint everyone and leave. weird stress dream…

  2. Denny Slaton says:

    Love these, buddy! What neat memories you guys are making for the boys. Thanks, Bob, for organizing such a fun retreat for you all! These are times the boys will never forget (but if they do, they have uncle andrew’s photos to remind them!). Love it!

  3. Uncle Roscoe says:

    Andrew, it was great to see you there. Terrific photos. Night-time flashlight patrol photos were especially stunning. Next time, remember the carriage in the barn. I tried to rate this a 5-star item, but I’m afraid I punched the button at the wrong time on a lower rating.

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