art, photography, random thought

ballin’ with birds of prey

i play basketball every day.  i know, i know.  hard to picture.

regardless… it happens.  every day.

it can get pretty mundane i will admit.  but today was vastly different.

i walked up to the court, head down.  did my stretches.  heard a loud screech.

one that i don’t usually hear in the middle of dallas.

i looked up, and this is what i saw.  remarkable!  a red-tailed hawk about 15 yards from me.

what a phenomenal bird.  he allowed me to get within 10 feet of him too!

he caught a squirrel, so i think he was concerned with defending his meal.

but he sat there and watched me as i played basketball for a half an hour.

what an unusual treat today…

all images © andrew r. slaton | photographer 2012


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