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pdn’s great outdoors contest

i don’t enter contests very often.

but this year, we decided to make it a goal to enter a few, and hopefully win more awards.

our first for 2012 is pdn’s great outdoors competition.

here are our 7 entries…

along with traditional judging, they have a people’s choice award as well…

if you feel so inclined, please vote for me!!

all images © andrew r. slaton | photographer 2012


10 thoughts on “pdn’s great outdoors contest

  1. iarxiv says:

    I especially like the long exposure ones and the last two… these are the first pics I’ve seen on a blog that make me go ‘wow I wanna have that on my wall, maybe I’ll see how much they cost and whether I can afford them…” In any case, at least I can feast my eyes online :)

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