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wyoming | winter panoramics

as always, i shot some panoramics while in wyoming.

and i was happy to get some new mountains and landscapes that i haven’t shot previously.

please feel free to click on any of these images to view them larger… enjoy!

the tetons clouded in are still dynamic to me…

the reservoir outside of cody.  completely frozen, and completely beautiful.

again, just a wider view this time…

these cliffs just west of cody, heading toward the east entrance of yellowstone, were my favorite new landscape of the whole three week trip.  they were so dynamic contrasted against the flowing golden grass.

along the wind river, toward the northeast edge of the mountain range by the same name.

ah the tetons!  the clouds finally broke on the second trip through on our way down to telluride.

the tetons from the jackson lake dam, with a frozen jackson lake foreground.

flaming gorge, utah in winter.  not much snow, but even this time of year there are amazing colors.

all images © andrew r. slaton | photographer 2012


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