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preview: july 4th, telluride

i can’t think of a better place to be for july 4th.  and of all the time i’ve spent in telluride, i’ve only experienced the 4th once… and it was 11 years ago when my friend john and i lived there.

so john invited us back this year to relive all the glory that is independence day in telluride!

and since i had the opportunity to spend some time in the southern san juan mountains of colorado, i of course had to work a little…

so here are some landscapes i shot during the week leading up to the celebration….

…4th photos to come soon…

all images and content © andrew r. slaton | photographer 2011


151 thoughts on “preview: july 4th, telluride

  1. thanks everyone!! it is such an amazing place… i kind of feel as though it would be tough to take a bad photo in telluride :) it is an honor to be fp again!!! thanks wordpress!

  2. My husband and I were in Telluride over the weekend. I am mesmerized by the story of the house atop Bridal Veil Falls. We hiked the Bear Creek trail to see the falls there. Spectacular pictures my fellow blogger. Much better than mine.

    • thank you Patty! yeah, there are so many amazing stories and painfully beautiful hikes around telluride. i hope you and your husband have the chance to go again and explore even more!!

    • wow, you weren’t kidding… i just checked out his blog (which, by the way, is great!) and i think you’re right. we would definitely be friends! tell him to keep up the god work… his passion is evident! thanks for dropping by, and for the kind words… cheers!

  3. Hi
    That really is an amazing place (and by the way, great photos!)

    One small technical question about the star trail photos. They are the product of a single long exposure or the composite of several shorter exposures?

  4. I live in the mountains in Estes Park, also beautiful. We do the fireworks over a lake. My photos aren’t nearly as good as yours though. Great shots.

  5. sherlu33 says:

    Really nice shots you have there. There is so much beauty in the world isn’t there? I just hope mankind doesn’t destroy it all.

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  7. What delightful photos! I really feel like I could step into them and be somewhere far more scenic than my little work space. thanks for sharing them and brightening my day!

  8. Hello. I just picked someone on Fresh Pressed. I am so glad! These pictures are wonderful, beautiful, and something I will never be able to see on my own. Very nice work. Thank you.

  9. very nice pics.. keep up the good work.. You took every detailed of the amazing landscape. I suggest you should try Momentum Photography. Congrats and what’s your camera.?

  10. These pictures made me miss my mother a little. She was raised at the Alta Mines above Telluride (my grandfather ran the mines). There are great views from up on top of the mountain – much like what you have here. I miss seeing the mountains (I was raised in Gunnison). Since I married a flat-lander (Omaha, Nebraska) – I try to visit ‘home’ whenever I can. Thanks for bringing a little bit of ‘home’ to me! Congrats on being FP.

  11. It blows my mind how a picture does so much more than just capture a moment in time. Your camera is like an author the way these pictures tell stories. Two shots in particular really demmanded my attention. The night shot of the mountains, that picture is art. I also enjoyed the photo of the tree under the waterfall, with the beams of light trespassing from the left and the mist fogging the background.

  12. Mai Mergili from PENCIL PILLOW says:

    beautiful … simply beautiful … no words. the atmosphere of the pictures is amazing!

  13. qtonka says:

    Love mountain, forests…… I feel deep respect for the power of nature and by myself trying to be closer and closer… It’s so difficult in these times… But :) If you don’t even try, you don’t feel the difference of beeing here or there.
    Welcome to Poland! Here are many virgine places with natural intensity!

  14. Oh, wow! Magical!! And made me homesick! I used to live in Colorado… such a beautiful part of the country… I used to drive from Denver to Aspen every fall- just looking at the foliage- the colors!! The pic- 4th from bottom… so beautiful- looks like fairyland!

  15. BEAUTIFUL photos! Telleuride is one of my favorite places. Unlike most visitors to this area (who come to ski) I love the spring and summer there. Thank you for really capturing the landscape’s beauty!

  16. Oh how I long to travel to Colorado. Maybe it’s because of my nostalgic associations with John Denver, or the constant comparisons of Boulder to Eugene. I prefer to think it’s the splendor of the landscape and the endless opportunities for hiking. Thank you for sharing these pictures.

  17. Would you believe I said “OH WOW” out loud while reading this post! The pic of the waterfall with the beams of light piercing through the mist is simply stunning!

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