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south louisiana red fishin’

a few weeks ago, i had the priviledge of fishing the gulf for reds.

my good friends and clients took me on one of their corporate retreats to capture the activities of the weekend.

i didn’t fish much, but as you can image, i shot a ton. it was just too much fun…

we landed in new orleans, one of my favorite cities. but after a long cajun lunch and a few beverages, we headed south. way south.

in fact, i didn’t even know where we were going actually existed. thought it was all marsh land. no highways, buildings, people, etc.

i was obviously wrong. happens every once in a while…

we stayed at woodland plantation, a fantastic old set of 100+ year old structures.

one of which is the famous house on the southern comfort bottle.

local cat and mouse game.

but that mouse bites back.

so the next morning we rose early to a dense, eerie fog over the gulf.

we headed out, deep into the byways and bayous of deep south louisiana. the light was gorgeous for me. bad for fishing.

the fog finally cleared in the afternoon and we started catching a few fish.

back at the plantation, we could see the massive ships coming up the mighty mississippi river over the levee.

there it is… recognize it?

spirits hall was a 138 year old church, converted into what else… a bar!

beautiful on the inside.

the next day there was still plenty more fishing to do…

and alligators to watch…

it was a fantastic experience.

meeting these guys, the great food and drink, and of course that famous south louisiana hospitality.

i love my job.

all images and content © andrew r. slaton | photographer 2011


47 thoughts on “south louisiana red fishin’

  1. wadingacross says:

    Ah home. I’m from South Louisiana. Love every part of Louisiana except New Orleans (most native Louisianians don’t like New Orleans or think very highly of it). Eating Cajun food in Creole New Orleans makes me shake my head.

    I went red fishing once with some friends. I didn’t catch a thing. In fact, the only person who caught anything was our friend’s dad who brought us out to his camp. Ate fried redfish several nights in a row. We didn’t fish out in the clear water like you did – we stayed in the marshes.

    Nice pictures though. If you ever make it back to Louisiana, check out the Atchafalaya Basin or go down by Pecan Island/Johnson Bayou area and you’ll see more alligators than you care to see! Go crabbing in the marshes standing along the banks with nothing but some chicken meat on twine (for bait and line) with a five gallon bucket next to you to put the crabs in.

    Mais cher, dat’s good eatin’ yeah!

  2. Sorry wadingacross didn’t catch any reds!

    I am from right outside of New Orleans (it has its bad points, but I think the good outweigh the bad) and spent my childhood fishing for specks and reds in the marshes southeast of NO in lower St. Bernard parish. Caught plenty of both too. Sometimes when the fishing sucked, my dad would throw out a cast net for shrimp . . . ever seen shrimp so big they were six to the dozen? Anyway back to the reds. The most fun I ever had was landing a ten pounder. It took 15 minutes and everyone else in the boat had to reel in their lines because a red will make a full circle. They do put up a fight. But the best part, eating them deep fried the same day. Aint nothing mo’ better!

    Andrew, glad you got to see a part of the world that has its own beauty in its own way and were able to enjoy one of the finer aspects of life. Ya’ll come back.

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  4. I was in south east Texas during the flounder run man you talking about good fishing. we caught em and we caught some red fish also.
    looks like you had a good trip I would really like to see some pic of the fish

  5. jule1 says:

    What about the fish? Did you eat any? Fresh caught fish are the best and they can sure cook in Louisiana.

    Some of your photos are super. I especially loved the ones with a lot of sky, both black and white and color.

  6. Congrats on being FP! Nice photos! Flew in and out of NOLA once but didn’t stay there. We went over to Biloxi MS. Nice reminder of the area, thanks.

  7. Congrats on FP! I am a transplanted Louisiana native, and viewing these photos made me sooooooo homesick. Thanks for posting. I’ll be back from time to time to get my “Louisiana fix”….

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