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a look back // nyc

I woke up this morning with New York on my mind.

Not sure why.  Perhaps a dream I can’t remember?

But then, while morning interweb surfing, I came across Jay Maisel workshops…. I want to go to there.

More on Jay later.

It reminded me of the amazing times I have had in New York.  And then I started to remember specific images, and I wanted to see them again.

So, sorry if this nostalgic post bores you.  It’s more for me than it is for you :)

Elle has never been, and I haven’t visited since 2010!  So I feel a NYC trip is in order soon…

Until then, however, I’ll remember the feel of this lovely city through a few photographs I made in the past.

















I believe my style has changed quite a bit since these pictures were made on my first visit to NY in 2008, but I loved the gritty feel.

It really captures the way the city felt to me.

Colorful and rich, yet grainy and rough with heavy brush strokes.

New York, to me, feels like humanity in a hyper-state of artistic realism.

A land of living contradiction.

It’s so fast paced, but at any moment, one can feel as though he is moving in slow motion.

It’s hardened and tough, yet I found strangers to be quite friendly and helpful.  It’s hip and trendy… but also the oldest of old-school.

It’s graceful, and at the same time dirty.

Perhaps like a soul.

What is your experience?  What about you NYC dwellers out there?  Is this a more a voyeuristic, outsider-looking-in, idealistic interpretation?

I’d love to hear all of your comments… so HAVE AT IT!!  Thanks for reading…

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