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The Dynamic Cityscape

Shooting cityscapes is not unlike photographing natural landscapes.

The main difference is that your city landscape has light elements not seen in nature.

This creates incredibly dynamic compositions.  But often, you must start a little earlier in the morning, or stay a bit later than you might in the wild.

While on assignment scouting shots for a client in my hometown of Dallas recently, I was reminded of this.




Scouting is key… and don’t be afraid to show up really early, and stay later than you’d want.  Dinner may get cold, but the perfect balance in exposure of sky and city lights is a delicate matter.

Happy shooting!

~ andrew

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landscape design book

i got to shoot for my friend, stephen breaux again last week.

stephen is the phenomenal landscape designer who founded austin-based breaux design.

i’ve said it here before that i love his work.  so it’s great when we get to work together.

here’s one of his newer projects in westlake…














when we finished the quick shoot… he reminded me that his work (and subsequently mine too) was featured in a book recently.  and he gave me a copy.

it’s a big, beautiful hardcover coffee table book, with some truly spectacular designs and photographs.  check it out if you get a chance!


all images © andrew r. slaton | photographer 2012

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breaux design | landscape art

stephen breaux is the genius landscape designer behind austin’s breaux design.

i absolutely love his work, and so it’s a real privilege that he’s one of my friends and clients…

here’s a sampling of what he and i have been working most recently.

all images © andrew r. slaton | photographer 2012

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