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flipnotics again

a mermaid saw a swimming lad,

and picked him up for her own.

pressed her body to his body,

laughing, and plunging down,

forgot in cruel happiness…

that even lovers drown.

It Ain’t Easy (listen)

this bittersweet prose lines the table that i’ve sat at for three days now.

i always enjoy my time in austin, but this time especially, i have had a truly memorable experience.  lounging lazily at barton springs… swimming in her cool, natural waters.  spending time with my brother, his wife, and their three little ones.  enjoying time with my friends, whose lives have hurdled in different directions than my own.  and i feel in love.

austin has pressed her body to mine, and laughingly pulled me under.  i gladly kissed her lips and descended to the depths.

how long must i pretend that i don’t need austin?  how long must i pretend that austin doesn’t need me?

well, it would seem a little while longer.  but i have already drowned…

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white rock lake

i shot a new film recently.  and though i am still learning adobe after effects and final cut pro, i can’t help but edit and put these things together to share with all of you.  so i am still just using elementary software, and i feel very limited by it.  but i hope everyone enjoys none-the-less.

white rock lake is a small, man-made slough in the heart of the dallas metroplex.  it is to dallas, what central park is to new york… though not quite as pretty.  but maybe just as dangerous after dark.  

white rock is home to many thousands of migratory birds, and during winter, giant flocks of egrets and pelicans call this area home.  

for best results, watch the film in “hd”…


** so, i also have much to learn in regard to compression and video output.  as a consequence, the film can be choppy at times.  please forgive me, and as soon  as i figure out how to fix it, i will.  thanks so much for visiting…

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