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When we set out a little over two years ago, we had one main goal in sight; visit all 59 National Parks. We wanted to keep it simple. Obviously, there were other objectives, but this was the one we could “hang our hats on.”

So how’s that goal coming along, you may ask?

Mount Rainier National Park, #29

We arrived at North Cascades National Park in Washington State a few days ago, and it dawned on me… with this park, we broke over the halfway hump!


North Cascades marks our 30th National Park since June of 2016!! Confetti, ballon drop, champaign! Okay, maybe not.

North Cascades National Park, #30

No need for premature celebration. While this is certainly a milestone for us, we have a long way to go.

Mount Rainier National Park, #29

From here on out, the quest gets much more difficult. Logistically and financially. We have fourteen left that will be relatively easy to get to with our current outfit… Hoss, Gertie (truck and trailer), and the girls, Islay and Skye (our Aussies). But the remaining 15 will put our resolve to the test.

Mount Rainier National Park, #29

Seven are islands. Channel Islands, American Samoa, Virgin Islands, Hawai’i Volcanoes, Haleakala, Dry Tortugas, Isle Royale. This means we cannot take our home with us, and that we have to get there by plane, or in two cases, ferry. Also, the dogs are not allowed, so we will need trusted sitters.

The remaining eight are Alaska Parks. Most of which one can only access by bush plane.

Mount Rainier National Park, #29

It is beginning to hit us that we are really going to have to up our game to make visiting the next 29 parks a reality.

North Cascades National Park, #30

But I can say with confidence that we love a great challenge! Needless to say, the coming year will be fun to watch as we push forward… there are several ways to follow along, help us reach our goal, and even to join us in select locations. See details below in the footer, and thanks so much for following us on this epic journey!

— Andrew

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