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The First 10,000 Miles (part 3)

What I Learned From Life On The Road (Part 3)

Well I was born a rambler friends, and I intend to die that way.” — Townes Van Zandt

Sorry it’s been so long, folks. Season 2 of #nomadlife got a bit more complicated and difficult… as a consequence, I took a bit of a hiatus from writing. But I always intended to have a Part 3 to the First 10,000 Miles… so here it goes.

Stay tuned for The Next 10,000 Miles.

A 6 month old blue eyed red merle australian shepherd puppy

Islay Blue was growing fast… and needed a ton of exercise. So we got in the routine of hiking almost every day, at least 5-8 miles. We ended the summer in the best shape of our lives. Breathing fresh mountain air, swimming in the clearest, cleanest water, eating healthy at home, reveling in breathtaking scenery every day, and hiking a ton.

30. The Road to Good Health Starts With Prevention… A healthy lifestyle for the mind, body, and soul goes so far.

A woman and her dog hiking the New Fork trail in the Winds

Our friend, Geoff, decided to come up to do some backpacking and a little angling with us at the Cirque of the Towers.

Hiking above North Lake on the trail to the Cirque of The Towers

It’s a bit of a grueling hike up to the Cirque. We’re always exhausted by the time we hit Lonesome Lake…

A hiker relaxes after to tough hike over Jackass Pass in the Cirque

Geoff is a fishing guide in the summer and fall in the Rockies, so the man knows what he’s doing.

31. It is always a pleasure to watch someone doing what they are gifted at and love doing.

A man catches a cutthroat trout in the outlet from Lonesome Lake to the North Popo Agie River

It was clear that Islay enjoyed watching him fish too…

A man fly fishes the outlet from Lonesome Lake to the North Popo Agie River

The trip up to the Cirque also solidified in us how great a backpacking dog Islay was. She loves backpacking for the long hikes, the exploration, and the fact that it’s the only time she gets to cuddle with us at night.

32. Tent life is pretty sweet for a pup.

A woman and her dog camped near the Cirque

A woman emerging from her tent with her dog at the Cirque of the Towers in the southern Winds

Blue eyed Red Merle Aussie

We day hiked up to Cirque Lake and enjoyed it’s crystal waters.

A man washes his face at Cirque Lake

Reflections of Pingora Peak and the Cirque in Lonesome Lake at dawn

Islay was my assistant on morning shoots…

wildflowers and Pingora Peak above Lonesome Lake

The peaks that make up the Cirque at sunset

Summer was quickly ending. It tends to do that up here in Wyoming.

Squaretop and the Green River at dawn with a camper trailer

So, we decided to do a little end of summer time out at Green River Lakes.

Squaretop and the Green River at dawn

The morning and evening chill began and we noticed the leaves already starting to change.

But the days were still warm enough for some late summer swimming.

An aussie pup plays in the upper lake at Green River Lakes

An aussie pup poses at the upper Green River Lake

A woman and her dog admiring the view in Clear Creek Valley

A woman and her dog wade out in to Slide Lake

Clear Creek in the Winds

A man watching sunrise in the upper Green River Valley

As the temps dropped, we weren’t sure how much longer we’d stay up north. Our trailer is not really built for freezing temps and snow. We didn’t realize that when we bought it, but then again, there was a lot we didn’t know about what we needed in a trailer…

The Winds from Union Pass

Green River Lakes and Squaretop at dawn

Green River Lakes and Squaretop at dawn

A mother moose with two young moose forage in a meadow on Moose-Gypsum road in the Upper Green River Valley

Workshop season was beginning to really take off for me. Fall in the mountains is my favorite time of year, and by far (in my opinion) the most photogenic. I had two private Teton students, and two full 4 day Telluride workshops quickly approaching.

There’s a lot of work that goes in to preparing these workshops for my students. For the privates, I tailor a curriculum for each one, based on their interests, strengths, and weaknesses. I also need about 4-5 days before they arrive to scout and rescout our locations, just to make sure everything is singing.

I often prioritize our shooting locations, since some look better or worse from one year to the next. Fall 2016 worked beautifully for us.

Telluride was on fire when we arrived… It was one of the best years I’ve seen.

But it ended a little early with some unexpected snow fall. The colors left really fast.

33. You can predict and plan your timing all day long, but in the end, nature will do what it pleases.

Regardless, we found a bunch of incredible little pockets of color that hung on well through the first full week of October.

But as the daylight and fall colors faded, it was the signaling of our time to begin the long journey back to Texas for the holidays.

Our first 10,000 miles on the road ultimately taught us more than we dreamed we could learn. And we didn’t know it at the time, but that first leg of the journey shaped us and prepared us for a very difficult road ahead.

— Andrew

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