art, photography, travel

telluride | color portraits

how fun to have two friends with birthdays, one after the other.

then add on top of it a quick trip to telluride to celebrate.

then, add on top of that a slew of buddies that are very good sports and will actually let you shoot their portraits in the midst of it all.

and here we are.  :)

_MG_6606F2 _MG_6635F2 _MG_6666F2

_MG_6736F2 _MG_6726F2 _MG_6953F2

_MG_6863F2 _MG_6764F2 _MG_6795F2

_MG_6972F2 _MG_6900F2 _MG_6743F2

all images © andrew r. slaton | photographer 2013


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