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¿necesitas una vacación?

if your answer is, “well, not really, but sure!” then you’re like us.

we feel very blessed to do what we do.  traveling, meeting great folks, and photographing the world.

but every once in a while, you really do just need to go to beautiful beach somewhere and drink fruity beverages while relaxing in the sun, if at all possible.

so we took a few days off and headed back down to the mayan riviera in mexico, where we went last year before for our honeymoon…

ahhh, relaxation.  if you go in the middle of the week for just a few days to one of the hundreds of all-inclusives, it’s actually a very economical choice for vacation.

our resort was just a half a mile or so down the beach from a nature preserve…

crystal clear rivers running right into the beautiful caribbean waters!  great for snorkeling.

but if you’re like me, and love what you do for a living, you need to work at least a little to keep your sanity in all that relaxation…

so i shot every day, and explored the possibility of shooting for resorts.  and elle and i both kind of love that idea ;)

all images © andrew r. slaton | photographer 2012


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