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sharing big bend

i’ve said it before; i don’t share my sacred places.  there are a select few places that i go multiple times a year to get away, clear my head, and recharge my batteries.  big bend national park is one of those places.

wyoming is as well.  and as it was, i entertained company (my brother) in october.  it was a new experience.  and a good one.  i’d even say refreshing.

so again, a few weeks ago, it was time to share.

my girlfriend elle had a birthday coming up.  i wanted to do something special for her…

“let’s go backpacking!” she said.

and so it was.  big bend, here we come!





















elle had a great birthday, she said.  and i had more fun than i ever imagined… sharing one of these places that i thought was mine.

i think i’m beginning to like this “sharing” thing…

all images © andrew r. slaton | photographer 2009


6 thoughts on “sharing big bend

  1. Teba says:

    You see? It’s good to share! Glad you’re starting to like it, Andresito. And, of course, and as usual, great pics! Enjoy, and take care!

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