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despues de la lluvia

bilbao in spring.  it rains almost every day for a few hours.  but after the rain stops… la luz.  


barrika cliffs.


sopelana beach cliffs.


we took a day trip to san juan de luz in france.













it became apparent that the light had a different quality in san juan de luz.  saint john of light.  john must have been a photographer.




i decided to take a bike ride in gordexola one morning.  headphones in, innocence mission on the frequency, one hand on the handlebar, and a giant camera in the other hand, i set off on a wobbly course.


geese angrily greeted me.  they seemed even more unhappy that i stopped.  and nearly incensed that i took their picture…







beautiful old homes lined the long, narrow streets.  it’s a mostly rural village, so i eventually passed many sheep pastures.





today was the day of the photoshoot.  instead of a wedding, Elaine and Mikel decided to have an all day portrait session all over el pais vasco.  i am so pleased with the resulting images… and so are they.















these kids thought we were crazy.  a guy in a tux, a girl in a bridal gown, and two photographers chasing them around on the beach.




















the guggenheim!  i never actually went inside.  the outside was enough for me.  and besides, i heard that the inside is less than impressive anyway.








bilbao at night.






laga beach, unesco urdaibai reserve.  i could’ve spent weeks here.











txaber and his auntie teba.  cute little guy.  might be in competition with my nephews…



txaber and his dad, xerjio.  txaber’s mom didn’t like this activity.




maidercon con un abuelito.  that’s what the spanish call a dandelion.  it literally means “little grandfather”.  makes sense i guess.




all images © andrew r. slaton | photographer 2009


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