bilbao, y mas


teba picked me up and took me straight to the little park in artxanda mountain that overlooks bilbao.


wow.  what a view.



my first look at the bay of biscay.  really, my first time in the ocean in a long while.  sopelana was incredibly beautiful.







i stayed in gordexola, outside of bilbao.  the trevinos were incredibly hospitable.








rock bakio.










cuevas del soplao.


oh yes… i was quite impressed with myself for driving in spain – not sure why.  but i did enjoy.


lunch in san vicente d la barquera.




teba, the hand model.














gaudi house in comillas.  the colors.  the textures.  i’m a fan of this gaudi character…






gaudi, the man.  immortalized in bronze.







all images © andrew r. slaton | photographer 2009