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snow day

i bought a new camera the other day.  it was a very exciting day, because along with shooting stills, it can capture 1080 hd video.  

since i was little, i have wanted to make nature documentaries, and more recently, i’ve been interested in feature film as well.

so, a few days ago, as i started this post, dallas had a rare cold snap, and we were given a decent amount of snowfall.  it is a very welcomed sight here.

a short film was the result of some test video that i shot on our brief snow day.  it’s the first of (hopefully) many short nature films to come.  who knows… i’ve got a few ideas for longer fiction pieces as well… (i’ve already got the filmmaker’s ego – notice the gratuitous use of my name in opening and closing credits)

for optimal viewing, be sure to click “hd” in the upper right-hand corner.


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