random thought, travel, writing

euthanizing my thoughts

i hate writing.  

let me rephrase that; i get frustrated a lot when it comes to trying to express myself through the written word.  i tend to be more successful with visual mediums.

while on a puddle-jumper from richmond, va to st. louis, mo, i was reading a book by my favorite author, and it spoke directly to my insecurities.

“i know that with writing, you start where you are, and you flail around for a while, and if you keep doing it, every day you get closer to something good.”  anne lamott from plan b: further thoughts on faith

in regard to my own ridiculously bad writing, i don’t know yet if she’s right.  but it is certainly encouraging.  she’s the most profound and relevant writer of the 21st century in my opinion, so I’ll take her words as wisdom.

as a consequence of this, i have decided to put my thoughts “to sleep”, and just keep writing.  but if the groaning and squirming become too much to bear, and you must stop reading, i’ll understand.

for the time being though, back to flailing…


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