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living the high life

this past week, my great friend John got married in napa, california.  it was hugely entertaining.






the weekend started early with a friendly croquet match on thursday…


then came the photo bomb contest.  a photo bomb is an interesting phenomenon in which someone, totally unrelated to and not invited in a posed picture, finds a way to intrude.  let the contest begin!





big Leo had some fun with Amy and Leah.


photo bomb!



John knows his wine.  he frequently writes on the subject for books, magazines, and blogs.  we reaped the benefits of his superior knowledge with a weekend chalked full of fantastic tastings…



Amy enjoyed the outdoor photo booth.  perhaps a little too much.




even the kids had a great time, playing in the sand traps of the surrounding golf course.


John seemed truly happy.


BD and Jaclyn too.



photo bomb!  that was a good one.


the two Mike’s and their girlfriends Ashley and Kate.  John and i met the two Mike’s in telluride many summers ago.  some of my favorite people around.







Amy and Graham played models for me.  what a good looking couple!


there’s that happy guy i’ve known and loved for so long!




and what can you say… Tracie looks fantastic!



the first kiss as man and wife…


the second kiss… not long after…




Jaclyn and the B humored me with some fun shots at the reception.



great wine, great friends… it truly was a weekend to remember.


i photo bombed my own picture…

all images © andrew r. slaton | photographer 2009

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this day

san francisco is beautiful and filled with spirit as usual. i am overwhelmed with thoughts. and as i board my shuttle for napa, i am reminded of a simple song. it seems to fit this day… as we glide through cool air, across urban landscapes and bridges… and foggy bays. this day is so very filling!

if i could i would break into flower.
if i could i’d no longer be barren.
this day, is filling up my room…
is coming through my door.
oh i,
have not,
seen this day before!

— the innocence mission