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post spring-chicken fashion

my friend, Amy, works at an upscale retirement home as an event coordinator.  she loves her job.

i’ve always been fond of wiser folks than myself (which happens to include approximately 87% of the general world population), so naturally those whom have double, triple, or even quadruple as many years as i do often capture my attention.

so when Amy asked me to come shoot her “annual senior fashion show”, i saw a great opportunity.

_mg_6325  _mg_6332

_mg_6334  _mg_6340

_mg_6378  _mg_6401

_mg_6426  _mg_6417

the faces lacked no character.  their hearts were still warm and beating.  and their dignity seemed larger than mine.  i guess it grows with age.

_mg_6446  _mg_6448  

_mg_6477  _mg_6514

_mg_6708  _mg_6712

they really enjoyed themselves, but they weren’t aloof to the fact that there was an element of novelty to those of us younger folks in the audience.  and i don’t think they cared.  they know what it’s like to be young and ignorant.  they’ve earned confidence and self assurance.

_mg_6775  _mg_6816



surprise, surprise.  so i got a little sentimental and reflective at the old-folks home.

my last-remaining biological grandmother passed away two weeks ago, and though it was expected and in many ways a blessing, it’s sad see another sojourner leave us.  but the flip-side of that is that she made the summit.  and it makes me happy to know that she had a pretty good time doing so.




so i left the retirement community with a full cup.  and i get the feeling that we are missing out on something that you can only learn when you’re time’s almost up.  unfortunately, and fortunately, i don’t know what that is.

i think i’ll try to hang around the elderly a little bit more, and maybe they’ll give me a heads-up.

all images © andrew r. slaton | photographer 2008