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lebanon… day 1


my host, rev. walid, naps after picking me up from the airport at 3 am.  “everyone that comes from the west gets in at that time… i’m used to it.”


peter, said’s boy, working at his dad’s book store after school.


rev. walid


sarah and salina, said’s oldest and youngest daughters.


said and walid arriving at the reformed baptist church of tyre.







the church is next door to a former hezbollah weapons cache that was destroyed in 2006 by the israelis.




mohammed said with the hat he got at petra the week before.




there are lebanese soldiers and outposts everywhere.  in that way, lebanon feels incredibly safe.  actually, more safe than i’ve felt in many u.s. cities.


sunset over the mediterranean at the beach in tyre.  legendary.









remnants of the roman empire.





there are droves ferrel cats and dogs all over lebanon.  i’m still trying to figure out where they came from.



all images © andrew r. slaton | photographer 2009