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Buy Local // BUY ART

The “buy local” movement has gained considerable momentum in the last few years.  And there are many great reasons to support your local economy.


But I’d like to see a movement in the art community to encourage people to buy local art specifically.

As the Christmas and holiday seasons approach, artists could begin promoting the idea that locally produced art is the perfect gift.  Because it is.  Where would be as a society without art?  Music, painting, sculpture, theatre, film, photography, culinary art, fashion, architecture, etc.  It’s a seriously sad prospect to consider.  So we as creatives have to find a way to continue living and producing.  And that involves the very important roll of the art patrons.  The art consumers and appreciators.  Everyone, no matter how cynical, is an appreciator of art.

So how do we as producers turn the casual appreciators into patrons?

I think one way is for us to encourage patronage of art in general.  When the population becomes great appreciators and consumers of art, we all benefit.  And it starts in our local communities.  That’s not to say that buying art around the country or around the world is bad.  I frequently sell around the U.S. and internationally, but it should all start at home.  Appreciating and buying art locally = a broader base of more informed consumers/ patrons.

We as artists should be supporting and promoting each other’s artwork.

Let’s start a movement.

Let’s help the arts everywhere by buying local.  Buying art.

~ andrew


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