Forgetting The Bottom-Line


Lily Lawa Isaac learned how to treat customers with a smile and a clean space in the market. It’s why her customers chose to buy her vegetables and why they keep coming back. She can now provide for her children.

Being a small business owner, I am often all too aware of the bottom-line.  It makes sense.

I am an artists and I love what I do, but I still have to feed my family, right?


“Little Scovia” is the next generation of South Sudanese that is growing up in the world’s newest country that is falling deeper and deeper into another civil war. She collects water bottles every day to help the rest of her family.

But sometimes, it is important that we  forget the bottom line and support a cause we believe in.

I am thankful that I crossed paths with Seed Effect a few years ago… because they have become like family to me.  Okay, they are literally my family now.

My mother started fundraising for Seed Effect a few years ago, and after a trip to South Sudan last year to shoot for this great organization, Elle became their mobilization coordinator.  But more than my family having intimate involvement, I believe in what Seed Effect is doing for the least in South Sudan.


Elle and I in Nimule, South Sudan on our first journey to the country in 2013. We are so excited to be going back!

We are returning to gather more compelling stories and photos in August, and I would appreciate your help, so we can provide low/ no cost work for Seed Effect.  What that means is that they can put more money into loans for the South Sudanese, instead of into our expenses.


Douglas is the son of an early Seed Effect client. He is currently at University because of the amazing hard work of his mother and her successful store. Douglas is a perfect picture of how Seed Effect is giving people the opportunity to break the cycle of poverty in South Sudan.

If you have a cause to support with your time, I would encourage you to forget your bottom-line at times and serve.  It will bless others and your own soul.

But if you don’t have a way to serve… please consider giving generously to Seed Effect and our trip.

Your support will have great reach and make a huge impact.  It will help us to continue to tell the stories of people in need of a hand up, not a hand out.


More than providing a hand up out of poverty, Seed Effect offers the richness of the gospel to the impoverished soul.

Thank you for considering supporting Seed Effect and the people of South Sudan!
~ andrew
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