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vegas redeemed

i traveled to las vegas a few weeks ago.  not my favorite place in the world.  but this time it wasn’t for a bachelor party or an extravagant birthday weekend.  i went with some friends and clients for a photography convention, and it turned out to be a great time.

i only set aside $50 to gamble before the trip began, but by the second day, i had convinced myself that $150 was the right number.  stupid.

_mg_7742f  _mg_7777f

the conference was very interesting though.  lots of good information, and i made a lot of new friends.

and actually, i ended up breaking even with my $150.  something i’ve never done before in vegas.  so i felt like a winner.

i also came home with three international awards for the below photos.  very exciting.




so i believe the trip was a success;  i made new friends, didn’t lose any money, and won some awards.  much better than the previous three trips i made to vegas in my younger days, where i lost money, my dignity, and won 0 awards.


all images © andrew r. slaton | photographer 2009


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