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mexico is one of those places that is inspiring and heartbreaking at the same time.

i had the unique opportunity to visit monterrey last week to shoot for my church and mission to the world (mtw).  it certainly was not what i expected.  but then again, i’m not completely sure what i expected.

honestly, my thoughts are still pretty jumbled, and i have yet to produce a cohesive story for this trip… but people keep bugging me for pics, so here are a small fraction of the photographs taken!!  more thoughts to come…

_mg_2801f  _mg_2871f

_mg_2900f  _mg_2929f

_mg_2957f  _mg_2958f

_mg_3056f  _mg_3060f

_mg_3216f  _mg_3232

_mg_3388f  _mg_3520f







_mg_3756f  _mg_4059f



_mg_4454f  _mg_4456f


_mg_4494f  _mg_4495f




_mg_4606f  _mg_4617f







_mg_4729f  _mg_4733f


_mg_4806f  _mg_4804f


_mg_4912f  _mg_5083f







_mg_5141f  _mg_5203f


_mg_5240f  _mg_5274f

_mg_5288f  _mg_5347f




_mg_5385f  _mg_5397f







_mg_5595f  _mg_5598f


all images © andrew r. slaton | photographer 2008


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