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an unseen, benevolent force has been teaching me a few things recently.  it would seem that patience has never been my forte.  and, it would now seem that i am to learn this noble fruit.  my long-awaited adventure to spain and lebanon has been postponed until spring.  so, as i am whining about this to myself, i’m beginning to realize how incredibly lame and impatient i really am.

what an amazing opportunity i have to even go at all.  and, if this is my biggest concern at the moment, then i have truly become spoiled.

now don’t get me wrong, this is not the only circumstance in the past few months that has leant itself to teaching me the virtue of patience… it’s simply the only one that pertains to this “travelogue”.  

my reason for starting this blog was the prospect of more travel.  so, it’s a little frustrating.  however, the trip is still on, i just have to wait a bit.  the other good thing is that the postponement of one travel plan has opened the door for another opportunity.

some friends of mine have been planning a backpacking trip in colorado this summer.  5 days on a trail deep in the mountain wilderness of indian peaks.  no cell phones, email, clients barking at me, traffic, smog, noise… you get the point.  my idea of unadulterated vacation.  

so the ideas of grace and mercy come to mind.  and i am once again thankful.  however, now that i have a new trip to look forward to, that is just around the corner… my lack of patience once again becomes apparent.


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