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¡blind pilot!

on the drive up to telluride from vermejo last week, bd introduced me to the band blind pilot.  i was immediately drawn to their almost rain-like delicacy.  they are a very talented bunch hailing from one of my favorite cities in the world, portland, oregon.

well, much to our surprise, walking around town our first night in telluride, we noticed a concert poster at wizard stating that blind pilot was in town and playing tuesday night at the sheridan opera house, a fantastically intimate, historical venue.

we did not hesitate.  we immediately bought tickets.  my ticket number:  001.  and i’m quite proud of that.







so tuesday night rolled around, and my heart was immediately melted when blind pilot lit up the stage with their brilliant set.



it’s rare that i get to say this, but they were better live than they are on the album.  and that’s not to say the album is somehow sub-par… it’s not.






they have a warmth and sunshine along with their pitter-patter rain dance that truly warmed me to the core.  i felt fuzzy inside.  but not in a cheap, lame way.  wholesome, but edgy.  a band of relative contradictions.  i highly recommend…

all images © andrew r. slaton | photographer 2009


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